Sun name ur number sim problem for iphone

The first two digits are the telecom id, the second two digit refer to your country code, the. Status icons and symbols on your iphone apple support. Because of the huge number of different models of android phone and the wide range of different software versions, you may find that your handset doesnt have the sim number in the same place. It usually consists of 19 or 20 characters, and is both printed on your sim card and. Then follow the onscreen instructions to activate and set up your iphone. If theres a problem with your sim card, or for some reason you cant find it in the settings, you might need to take the sim card out and check the back of it for the number. Changing sim to microsim and keeping the same number o2.

Rated ip67 maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes under iec standard 60529. We detected some connectivity issues, therefore, were unable to load conversation. So, i started searching on the internet about how to check own mobile number on any network because hey i need that number from time to time to share with people and when you do not. On iphone x and later, the essential icons appear in the topleft or topright corner of the screen. View and edit your access point name apn on your iphone. Use the wallet app to apply for, manage, and use apple card. I have replaced the battery and cleaned everything and now all is working fine except the phone shows always searching. Mobile network ee has announced a new smart number scheme. Your sim serial number ssn, sometimes called the iccid integrated circuit card id, is for international identification. Use a sim pin for your iphone or ipad apple support.

I would really like to get my old phone working, at least as an ipod so i could have the possibility of either selling it, lending it to another friend, using it for stuff i dont need on my. These walk you through solutions for issues you may have with your device. You would have to erase the phone settings general reset erase all contents and settings this will wipe the phone clean. How to find sim phone number on iphone ipad findseedisplay cellphone number on iphone ipad duration. Lock your sim card with a pin personal identification number to.

Your phone should now be unlocked and you are free to use any carrier sim. Hopefully thats you sorted, but if you need more help, you can get in touch with a team knowhow expert here. The imei number is a unique 1517 digit code that can be located on a. Sun postpaid what amuses me about sun is how they are able to offer really good deals on their postpaid plans. Transfer content from an iphone, ipad, or ipod touch to a new device. How to check own mobile number on any network techyuga. Select cellular instead at this point, you can choose to use automatic setup to set up your new iphone with the same passcode and settings as another iphone. Ive never been excited before as much as today after finding out about suns newest feature for prepaid the name ur number sim. Sim cards make it easy for you to transfer your phone number from one.

Once the sim card is removed from the iphone, you can see numbers stamped on one side of the sim card, opposite the metal contacts. Does a sim card contain the phone number android forum at. This is new to all prepaid subscribers as this feature usually offered by telcos in postpaid plan. Click phone identity or status, depending on your android model click imei information the 19digit id number on your sim will be listed under iccid or sim id. How do i activate my gprs, handset settings and data onoff. How to find iphone 6 phone, sim card and serial numbers.

All samsung products will have the model number and serial number on the device. Sun offer name ur number sim to attract new subscribers. Import contacts from your sim card to your iphone apple. Sim cards allow you to make calls and use data on your mobile network, but how do they work, and how can they restrict what you can do with your phone. These sim cards can be used for data only, or a combination of data, voice, and texts. How to check the sim card on an iphone without opening.

It doesn not react to the sim card being removed or inserted, just always shows searching. If you cant modify your apn settings, contact your carrier. When you get a new sim card for yourself it takes time to remember it and for some people like me i can not remember my phone number no matter how much i try. How long will my sun prepaid sim remain active after i use up my load. For more help with importing contacts from a nonapple phone, check. Common iphone x problems, and how to fix them digital trends.

The two numbers always stored on the sim card is the iccid and imsi, to identify the network and the user respectively. Common iphone 6 and 6 plus problems, and how to fix them. Insert the sim removal tool included in the box the phone came in into the small hole on the right edge of the iphone. For those who do not know, ctc50 is a sun cellular promo that allows the user to send 200 text messages to other. This allows you to personalize your sun mobile number be it 09439dianne, 09428sopogi or 09438pretty. With sun name your sim you can have a unique mobile number like for example, 09439callme, 09438idunno or 09428textme. Up to 22 digits can make up this integrated circuit card identifier iccid. One kentucky coal company is transforming two old mining sites into a massive solar farm in an effort to revive appalachia. The process to get your iphone 6s phone number, sim card and a serial number are explained here one by one. The iccid integrated circuit card id is your sim card number.

The snn typically has 19 digits and contains specific details about your operator, your location, and when it was made. How to change the apn settings on your mobile device. Sun cellular bring this feature to all their prepaid subscribers, you can now have a customized mobile number with their name your number sim offer. In fact, different telecom operators also helps you to get your puk code. Instructional video on how to input your own number in sun sim plus the realization at the end lol. The name ur number sim also comes with a sun call and text combo 50 load 200 sun texts, 200 texts to other networks and 70 minutes of sun calls valid for 5 days. Other data is stored on the sim, but the iccid and imsi are required for it to work. Could ask your provider for a new sim sent from my iphone 6 finally. Find the imei, serial and model number on a samsung phone. You do not have to replace the sim, since a few simple steps would have worked for you. Your iphones sim number is technically called the iccid, which stands for integrated circuit card identifier. Choose an access point name in your settings, type minternet then save.

Message 2 of 12 73,892 views where can i find my sim number. Just follow the instructions to continue the process in customizing your mobile number. If you see no service or searching on your iphone or ipad. And after having xposed installer you will have to use an xposed module app to change the number of the sim card in your device. Pay with your iphone using touch id in stores, within apps, and on the web. How to unlock your iphone for use with a different carrier apple. You can only edit or view your apn on your iphone and ipad if your carrier allows it. For those who do not know, ctc50 is a sun cellular promo that allows the user to send 200 text messages to other networks, 200 text suntosun, and 70 minutes of sun calls. Use a paperclip or the sim card removal tool that came with the iphone 7 or 8 plus and align end with the pinhole. Apple iphone 6 6 plus view sim card number verizon.

For example, a sim tray from an iphone 6s will not fit in an iphone 7. This method should work on both mac and windows computers. This only helps with viewing the sim card numberid on your iphone. If i took my sim card and put it in anoth apple community. To pop open the sim tray, insert a paper clip or a sim eject tool into the hole beside the tray. Turn your iphone on by pressing and holding the onoff button for a few seconds.

I went to settings phone and my number was unknown. The phones contact info should appear, including the phone number for the current sim card. This lets you hand off a phone call from your ipad to your iphone with. Message 3 of 12 73,892 views where can i find my sim number. After your carrier confirms that they unlocked your iphone, follow the steps below. Status icons appear in the status bar on your iphone. Disconnect your iphone, make sure the sim card is inserted correctly and, if you use a sim pin, tap unlock to enter it, and then reconnect your iphone. Insert your activated, compatible sim iphone 3gs or microsim card iphone 4 and iphone 4s into your iphone. From doing some research on the web, i have found that its a sim card issue. So without wait more lets get full info about check own mobile number with ussd codes for. How to fix mobile data not working on android make tech. To make this offer more tempting, name ur number sim comes with free p50 worth of call and text combo ctc50 valid for 5 days. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and alls well with the world, until you.

Your customized number must start with these digits. Similarly, you might need to check the sim card number or the serial number. Resetting all settings on the iphone means youll have to reenter your information and data. Some carriers require you to enter your apn settings to set up your cellular service. For find your own mobile number just dial the following codes. Iphone show only number no name, how to solve this. You also have the option to use itunes to complete the activation. How to find the sim number on your iphone macworld uk. How can i find my sim card number iccid on my iphone. If you dont see an icon, check control center by swiping down from the topright corner. A number of iphone 6 and 6 plus owners have reported a problem in which their iphones display goes or flashes red before showing the apple logo. Dual sim adapters for 3g minisim phone dual sim 2g.

My iphone 5 shows my number as unknown apple community. U can solve ur problem by download callerid fix from cydia u have 2 versions one for 2. Smart, tnt, and sun cellular guidelines on device unlocking. The primary asset on the sim is the identity of the user in his role as subscriber to the mobile phone service. If your calls are going through and your number is showing up i wouldnt really worry about it. Missingtricks is back again with check own mobile number info for all operators like aircel, airtel, bsnl, idea, reliance, tata docomo, videocon, virgin, vodafone. These numbers contain various information about the wireless carrier and your account. If you choose to set up your new iphone manually, continue with the following steps. If you are using an iphone 6 and want to know how to find sim card number on iphone 6 or the sim card phone number, ios provides a couple of ways for that. Assuming youre with a cdma network, go to your phone dial pad and enter the. Make sure that youre in an area with cellular network coverage.

The 19digit id number on your sim will be listed beside iccid. Please note the sim card will only sit in the sim tray. If youre having other issues with your phone or device, visit our troubleshooting assistant. I had a similar problem when i had a new sim for my iphone, and my old number transferred to the new sim. If your iphone will not power on, you can eject the side sim tray using a sim tool or a push pin to get your sim card number iccid. In this case, you can use a 3rd party app to find your sim information.

Connect your iphone to pc via usb cable and click mobile substrate button to install it on your phone, reboot your phone when instructed. The msisdn is not always stored on the sim card and can be editted by. If you are not in a wifi network range, you can set this up later. I ported my number over when i took out a new contract so i guess this is the number originally associated with the sim. The key is to keep turning your phone off and on to help it reset. Simply push the pin or tool into the small hole next to the tray and it should eject, revealing the sim. To turn cellular data on or off, go to settings, then tap cellular or mobile data. Heres a list of the most commonly reported iphone x problems, and how to fix them or. If you have access to the number then download appbof that company and log into the account. If your efforts to change the apn are unsuccessful and you didnt write down the correct apn for your provider before you made the changes, you can return the ios device to its original settings by tapping general reset reset all settings to get back to the default apn information. The contact information imported from a sim card depends on how your previous phone stored information on the sim card. Note that this fix will only work for phones using cdma networks. Samsung galaxy j2 core bundled with a smart lte sim at srp.

In the us as of 2019, these networks are sprint, verizon and us cellular. If someone will obtain such information from sim like phone number or imsi, theres a pleanty of posibilities to do a lot of bad things like mobile phone spam. I assume that you want to know the name under whom number is registered with mobile company. Sun name your number sim choose your own mobile number.

Know your own mobile number in any operators instant without any charges. Remove or switch the sim card in your iphone or ipad. Once rebooted click unlock button to install ultrasn0w on your phone, reboot your phone twice when instructed. On my device, when i check the phone number through settings about phone status sim status, the phone number is incorrect. Remove the sim tray and insert the sim card, with the metal contacts facing down in the tray. Certain destinations also sell sim cards at convenience stores and of. Unlocking iphone without wifi or internet connection. Place your finger above the first contact and drag down. If you have a sim card from a carrier other than your current. Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously. How to change your sim number using android the method is quite simple and you just need a rooted android device that will allow xposed installer to run on device. The service will first stop on your old sim card and then insert your new sim card and the service will after a period of time depending on how busy the network is start on it.

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