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Each season prior to this only continued to get better. The season concluded on april 5, 1977 after 23 episodes. In may, williams and her managerhusband singer bill. While i only gave the first season a meagre 4 stars, season 2 were both 5 stars with each season surpassing its predecessor in laughs and clever script writing. Laverne and shirley season 2 episode 2 angels of mercy. Laverne defazio and shirley feeney mingle at a dinner party thats being given by their bosss family. Part 2 joel zwick judy pioli september, 1979 87 2 one heckuva note joel zwick. Watching the show was fun and funny and it was the type of show the whole family could watch and laugh at.

Connie stevens hit sixteen reasons, download where laverne. The happy days spinoff continued to gain popularity and surged in ratings. A home of the future is what shirley and laverne must live in and demonstrate at bardwells. The girls settle into their new apartment in california only to experience an earthquake on their first night.

Like several other episodes this season, its a prime showcase for slapstick humor, with marshall and williams clearly taking their cue from the legacy of lucille ball. Laverne sees shirley is missing, lenny and squiggy attempt a rescue, and no bald man on the train is above suspicion. It ranked 2nd among television programs and garnered a 30. Laverne and shirley season 8 full episodes hd youtube. The girls agree to live in bardwells main show window for a weekend in order to demonstrate the house of the future. Laverne and shirley season 2 episode 9 two of our weirdos are missing laverne and shirley all season 1 8 laverne and shirley seas. Laverne and shirley call in sick to take a day off of work and have fun. There are 2 inserts with front and back clips to hold disks though there are not.

Laverne and shirley season 3 episode 2 tag team wrestling. Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. Laverne and shirley try to find out who the murderer is. Laverne and shirley season 2 episode 10 christmas at the booby hatch oh, hear the a by laverne and shirley. The entire season was released on dvd in north america on april 17, 2007. The season concluded on may 18, 1976 after 15 episodes. Laverne and shirley become hospital volunteers, or candy stripers. When they accidentally knock their planes pilot out, it is up to the girls to fly the plane. Angeles and williams left the show two episodes into the eighth season. Since the girls have no dates that night, they agree to babysit fonzies godson. Laverne and shirley i do not own this episode all rights go to garry k marshall ps i will record it in german. Shirley feels jealous of her but soon laverne sees shes forgotten her friend. Its the bowling championship for the shotz ladies bowling team.

Laverne and shirley season 2 episode 2 angels of mercy laverne and shirley all season 1 8 laverne and shirley season 1. Realizing that his career is going nowhere, carmine moves to new york to try his luck on broadway. Season two of laverne and shirley opens as laverne penny marshall tries to talk shirley cindy williams into cofinancing a new car, the better to keep up with laverne s rival motorist pinky. The laverne and shirley birthday show from season 2 at. A hypnotist cures laverne of being shut in, but he called her chicken while both were under, and they end up acting so in the window later. I took a chance and preordered it, since i saw some of the episodes on tv in the.

November 9, 1980 116 at the grand opening of franks eatery, the knifethrower doesnt show, so shirley must assume the position of tossing knives at laverne. Episode title directed by written by original air date no. Laverne allows a bachelor party to be thrown in the pizzeria. The two then team up for an all out 5 minute,supermarket sweep. They also did reprise their roles in a comedy reunion scene where they try being contestants for a island reality show. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds.

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