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If you are searching for answers, read the urantia book. The urantia revelation is a credible and rich source of information on extraterrestrials. Finally, supplement 3 tells the story of center for urantia book synergy, or cubs, and the important contributions it made in the struggle to free the revelation during the turbulence and strife of the 1980s and early 1990s. To follow jesus means to personally share his religious faith and to enter into the spirit of the masters life of. Subsequent to this decision gabriel made a personal visit to urantia, and, as a result of his study of human groups and his survey of the spiritual, intellectual, racial, and geographic features of the world and its peoples, he decided that the hebrews possessed those. The story of everything is an introduction to the urantia book. It is, however, desirable to present something of two basic classifications of. The passover at jerusalem the urantiapapers youtube channel enables you to listen to. Jerusems major satellites are the seven transition worlds, each of which is about ten times as large as urantia, while the seven subsatellites of these transition spheres are just about the. Ganid employed more than threescore learned translators in the making of this abstract of the religious doctrines of. The urantia papers the urantia book or the fifth epochal. Soon after the breakfast hour on this beautiful morning, the master led them to a secluded spot a short distance above their camp and there taught them. If you prefer the printed book version it is also available in two volumes. Reading from paper 34, the local universe mother spirit, section 7.

He was aware of the confusion which existed in the minds of his apostles and disciples regarding. The urantia book sometimes called the urantia papers or the fifth epochal revelation is a spiritual, philosophical, and religious book that originated in chicago sometime between 1924 and 1955. In addition to discussing the nature of et life on inhabited planets, it also pre sents an advanced picture of the cosmology of the universe of universesincluding an extensive discussion of the divine purpose behind the creation and evolution of life on the innumerable material worlds of space. The local system administration the urantia book paper 45.

The author is unknown and there are many speculations about how it was written from sleeping mediums to plain materialization. Religion is societys adjustment, in any age, to that which is mysterious. The morose emperor was unusually cheerful on this day and chatted long with the trio. Paper 141 beginning the public work urantia book urantia. Avalon av ah lon the first group of seraphim created in nebadon were trained by a corps of seraphim from avalon. Section 6 the six sangik races of urantia isnt it a little more than interesting that the urantia book not only has the history of the colored races, but their location as well.

The urantia book paper 140 the ordination of the twelve 140. Paper 190 morontia appearances of jesus urantia book. The urantia book paper92 section1 para3 page1004 line4 para1 religion arises as a biologic reaction of mind to spiritual beliefs and the environment. The cubs litigation was the first of the final three foundationinitiated lawsuits that eventuated in the loss of its. It has received various degrees of interest ranging from praise to criticism for its religious and science content, its unusual length, and its lack of. Chief of staff for the planetary prince, caligastia. Urantia book paper 142 the passover at jerusalem youtube. The urantia papers he refers to were received over several years in the 1930s by a group of people known as the contact commission. Jerusem, the system capital, is almost one hundred times the size of urantia, although its gravity is a trifle less. This is believed to be a translation of the jacques weiss glossary. Those of us who measure our readership in decades rather than in years recall a time when it was virtually forbidden to discuss the origin of the urantia book. That was many years ago now and i read a paper or a portion of one from the. The unauthorized, untold story of what may have been the most important happening of the twentieth century. John was an eager and earnest worker, but jesus was a calm and happy laborer.

The urantia book tells us, the whole idea of ransom and atonement is incompatible with the concept of god as it was taught and exemplified by jesus of nazareth ub, 2017. The urantia book harmonizes history, science, and religion into a philosophy of living that brings new meaning and hope into your life. The urantia book declares, there has been no fall of man. We would like to give a special thanks to don estes for the use of the information from his chart the origin, history and destiny of universe reality. The author has distilled the teachings into a compact volume that retains the vast scope of the original while omitting much of the detail. The urantia book 4 mosteller and wallace methods of stylometry indicates at least nine authors were involved, and by comparatively analyzing the book against sadlers the mind at mischief, does not indicate authorship or extensive editing by. T he personalities and otherthanpersonal entities now functioning on paradise and in the grand universe constitute a wellnigh limitless number of living beings. The following sections in paper 42 convey much of the core of the books teachings on physics. Paper 140 the ordination of the twelve urantia book. It has received various degrees of interest ranging from praise to criticism for its religious and science content, its unusual length, and its. The world needs new spiritual truth that provides modern men and women with an intellectual pathway into a personal relationship with god. Excellent perspectives on urantia book concepts of personal religious experience as well as adventures in exploring urantia book cosmology. He is the oversoul of the grand universe, the consciousness of the finite cosmos, the completion of finite reality, and the personification of creatorcreature experience.

But he rules in the local universes in the persons of his paradise creator sons, even as he bestows life through these sons. This explains, at least in part, why there is also no need for any blood atonement for sin ub, 60. The urantia book paper 147 the interlude visit to jerusalem 1647. The urantia book, published in 1955, which purports to restore lost knowledge and forgotten history, arrived in the night through a sleeping subject, with what a native american person might call his dream visions, with an episode of earths history referred to as the war in heaven in the bibles book of revelation 12. The transition years the urantiapapers youtube channel enables you to listen to, and s. The urantia bookpaper 124 wikisource, the free online. Life is constructed according to plans formulated by the unrevealed architects of being and appears on the inhabited planets either by direct importation or as a result of the operations of the life carriers of the local universes. The urantia book harmonizes history, science, and religion into a philosophy of.

This was among the notable addresses of his public ministry, embracing a full and complete discussion of the kingdom of heaven. There is a synopsis for each paper of each of the four parts of the book. The source code of this book can be found in my github repository. Read the urantia papers while you are still on urantia. Jesus and the two natives from indiagonod and his son ganidleft jerusalem on a sunday morning, april 26, a. The reading of the urantia book is a life journey, to become a. An abridged version of parts 1 4 of the urantia book michelle klimesh. Using a painting by octavio ocampo as a subject, this was created in. The urantia book paper 141 beginning the public work 141. The urantia papers also know as the urantia book or the fifth epochal revelation is a long and very strange book. This panoramic narrative includes his birth, childhood, teenage years, adult travels and adventures, public ministry, crucifixion, and 19 resurrection appearances.

The papers were later combined with an index and published in 1955 as the urantia book. The original has the urantia foundations name and address at the bottom of the cover page as urantia foundation, 533 diversey parkway, chicago 14, illinois. It is said to be written sometime between 1924 and 1955 somewhere around chicago. Revealing the mysteries of god, the universe, world history, jesus, and ourselves paperback june 1, 2008. Paper 170 the kingdom of heaven aturday afternoon, march 11, jesus preached his last sermon at pella. The text and all the notes and illustrations can also be accessed as part of the the urantia book explorer webapplication. The urantia bookpaper 30 wikisource, the free online. Ganid employed more than threescore learned translators in the. Paper 92 the later evolution of religion, parallel chart. Even the number of major orders and types would stagger the human imagination, let alone the countless subtypes and variations. The holy herb sacraments and cannabis 420 magazine. All we knew were conflicting rumors, fragmented stories and mysterious mandates about what took place from early in the twentieth century until late in 1955. This was the first act of a long succession of events which finally culminated in the completion of the sons bestowal on urantia and the replacing of the government of a universe on his humandivine shoulders.

As time passed, the mystery of the incarnation became, to all of us, more and more unfathomable. But this religion of natural origin was, in itself, the product of mans superanimal endowments. A third of the urantia book is the inspiring story of jesus entire life and a revelation of his original teachings. Although this time of the morontia life is to be spent on the world of his mortal incarnation, it will, however, be in all respects the counterpart of the. Abaddon chose to follow caligastias lead and join the rebellion at the time of its occurrence approximately 200,000 years ago. Paper 4 the transition years urantia book urantia foundation.

That was many years ago now and i read a paper or a portion of one from the website every day. An order of beings residing on uversa, created by unrevealed. The urantia book on extraterrestrials evolving souls. He is the sweetness of true success and the joy of everlasting achievement.

This inspiring story recasts jesus from the leading figure of. The twelve were expecting to be called almost any day. You owe it to your real self tofind out who, what, and where you are. Readings from the urantia book paper 34, section 7 youtube. The second edition of a history of the urantia papers is well written and was well researched by mullins.

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